IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Workshop, Spring 2007

  1. Vancouver, BC
  2. Friday, March 2, 2007

Schedule and Location

Friday, March 2, 2007

8:00AM - 9:00AMRegistration
9:00AM - 9:15AMOpening remarks
9:15AM - 10:00AM"Ubiquitous Computing Research at IBM"
Dr. Ellen Yoffa
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, New York
10:00AM - 10:45AM"Wireless Sensors Networks: the New Melting Pot"
Dr. Magdy Bayoumi
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
10:45AM - 11:00AMCoffee break
11:00AM - 11:45AM"The Design of High-Speed Low-Power Digital FIR Filters Based on Frequency-Response Masking Technique"
Dr. Yong Lian
National University of Singapore
11:45AM - 12:30AM"Architectures and Design Methodologies for Very Low Power and Power Effective A/D Sigma-Delta Converters"
Dr. Franco Maloberti
University of Pavia, Italy
12:30PM - 2:00PMLunch
2:00PM - 2:45PM"Fractal Structures for Electronics Applications"
Dr. Maciej Ogorzalek
2:45PM - 3:30PM "Algebraic Methods and Optimization for Signal Processing and Source Separation of Multiway Signals and Data Sets"
Dr. Joos Vandewalle
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
3:30PM - 3:45PM Coffee break
3:45PM - 4:30PM "A 3D Simplicial CNN Structure: Architecture and Circuit Realization"
Dr. Pedro Julian
Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
4:30PM - 5:15PM "Efficient Mining of Data Through Reuse in a Public Safety Network"
Dr. Ljiljana Trajkovic
Simon Fraser University, Canada
5:15PM - 7:00PM Reception