The Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the IRMACS Centre Present:

A Workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics - Video Recordings

Pataki, Gabor

Semidefinite Programming (SDP) is the problem of optimizing a linear objective function of a symmetric matrix variable, with the requirement that the variable also be positive semidefinite.

Duality theory is a central concept in SDP, just like it is in linear programming, since in optimization algorithms a dual solution serves as a...

Bailey, David H.

In this presentation I will summarize some interesting research Jon Borwein and I have done lately on India mathematics.

As it is well known, in 1984 Jon and Peter found a quartically convergent algorithm for pi (i.e., each iteration approximately quadruples the number of correct digits). Along this line, I have found a quartically...

Thibault, Lionel

The prox-regularity concept characterizes a smooth behaviour of the metric projection mapping onto a closed set of a Hilbert (and other Banach) space. The talk will review various crucial properties of such sets and will present several other new important properties.

Zudilin, Wadim

In my talk I will report on my recent work with Mat Rogers towards Boyd's conjectural evaluations of Mahler measures of 2-variate polynomials. Although the grounds for these conjectures come from K-theory, our technique is completely analytical and even elementary. One of the crucial ingredients of our proofs is numerous identities between the...

Brent, Richard

$ \text{\it Bernoulli numbers} $ are rational numbers $ B_n $ defined by...