The Mathematical Interests of Peter Borwein

Number Theory, Analysis, Combinatorics, Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling




I thought it was quite well done, actually.  Most math meetings I find rather boring, only one or two talks worth attending, but I'd say at least half of the talks were quite interesting to me …

David Bailey, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


The conference was great!   I fully enjoyed all of the talks, the staff and technical support, IRMACS facilities …

Sinai Robins, Temple University


Everything was great …

Jon Borwein, Dalhousie University


The conference was one of the best I have ever attended!  This was due both to the high quality of participants, the excellent theme … and also to the excellent organization and facilities.

Matt Klassen, DigiPen Institute of Technology


Some of the talks were fantastic (Bailey, J. Borwein, Hare, Mossinghoff come to mind) …

Marc Chamberland, Grinnell College


found the talks well prepared and interesting.

Agnes Szanto, North Carolina State University


All the topics … fulfilled the purpose of the conference: to show the community all the interests of Peter. I liked very much.

Emanuel Carneiro, University of Texas at Austin


All around the conference, I thought was a success. …

Soroosh Yazdani, McMaster University


… I thought that the talks and selection of speakers at the conference represented an unusually broad range of interests.  As these were a reflection of Peter's broad mathematical interests that was entirely appropriate. 

Jeff Vaaler, University of Texas at Austin


  I greatly enjoyed the content that exhibited the many facets of Peter Borwein's mathematical interests, and the spirit of collaboration that pervades his work and is clearly at the center of the IRMACS philosophy. …

Michael Mossinghoff, Davidson College


  It was a very nice conference.  I particularly like the diversity of interests there, reflecting in part your own broad interests. …

Michael Filaseta


… Thank you for organizing a wonderful conference -- to me it was more interesting and useful than almost any other conference in recent years. …

Karl Dilcher, Dalhousie University


It was a great pleasure to be at the conference and to be with you and the wonderful staff. 

Bessie Borwein, University of Western Ontario



very high quality.  broad range of topics, but still kept to the  theme of the conference, namely Peter's interests. …

Greg Martin, University of British Columbia


  The conference was very well organized. I am happy I attended the meeting and was able to contact many researchers personally on topics related to the mathematical interest of Peter. …

Tamas Erdelyi, Texas A and M University