[ISI 2009 (IEEE Intelligence & Security Informatics 2010) -- Burnayb, British Columbia - June 8-11, 2010]

[ISI 2010 -- Burnaby, British Columbia]

IEEE ISI 2010 Accepted Papers

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Long Papers

  • An Executive Decision Support System For Longitudinal Statistical Analysis of Crime and Law Enforcement Performance
    Amir hassan Ghaseminejad tafreshi and Paul Brantingham
  • Testing Perception of Crime in a Virtual Environment
    Andrew Park, Valerie Spicer, Monique Guterres, Patricia Brantingham and Greg Jenion
  • Identifying High Risk Crime Areas using Topology
    Patricia Brantingham, Andrew Park, Richard Frank, Joseph Clare, Kathryn Wuschke and Mona Vajihollahi
  • Natural Language Processing Based on Semantic Inferentialism for Extracting Crime Information from Text
    Vladia Pinheiro, Vasco Furtado, Tarcisio Pequeno and Douglas Nogueira
  • Predicting Social Ties in Mobile Phone Networks
    Huiqi Zhang and Ram Dantu
  • Network Neighborhood Analysis
    Michael Porter and Ryan Smith
  • Early Warning Analysis for Social Diffusion Events
    Richard Colbaugh and Kristin Glass
  • Identifing Influential Users in an Online Healthcare Social Network
    Xuning Tang and Christopher Yang
  • Generalizing Terrorist Social Networks with K-Nearest Neighbor and Edge Betweeness for Social Network Integration and Privacy Preservation
    Xuning Tang and Christopher Yang
  • The U.S. and the EU Differences in Anti-terrorism Efforts
    Michael Gallagher
  • Developing a Dark Web Collection and Infrastructure for Computational and Social Sciences
    Yulei Zhang, Shuo Zeng, Chun-Neng Huang, Li Fan, Ximing Yu, Yan Dang, Catherine Larson, Dorothy Denning, Nancy Roberts and Hsinchun Chen
  • Automatic Construction of Domain Theory for Attack Planning
    Xiaochen Li, Wenji Mao, Daniel Zeng and Fei-Yue Wang
  • GENIUS: A Computational Modeling Framework for Counter-Terrorism Planning and Response
    Herbert H. Tsang, Andrew J. Park, Mengting Sun and Uwe Glasser
  • Terrorist Threat Assessment with Formal Concept Analysis
    Paul Elzinga, Jonas Poelmans, Stijn Viaene, Guido Dedene and Shanti Morsing
  • Balancing Security and Information Sharing on Multilevel Security Databases
    Antonio Badia
  • Agent Based Correlation Model For Intrusion Detection Alerts
    Ayman Taha, Ayman Bahaa, Hani Mahdi and Ismail Abdel Ghafa
  • Cross-Level Behavioral Analysis for Robust Early Intrusion Detection
    Shun-Wen Hsiao, Yeali S. Sun, Meng Chang Chen and Hui Zhang
  • Intelligent Decision Support for Marine Safety and Security Operations
    Uwe Glässer, Piper Jackson, Ali Khalili Araghi and Hamed Yaghoubi Shahir
  • Automatically Identifying the Sources of Large Internet Events
    Kristin Glass, Richard Colbaugh and Max Planck
  • Cross Entropy Approach for Patrol Route Planning in Dynamic Environments
    Xu Chen and Tak Shing Yum
  • Computational Knowledge and Information Management in Veterinary Epidemiology
    Svitlana Volkova and William Hsu

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Short Papers

  • Entity Refinement using Latent Semantic Indexing
    Roger Bradford
  • Latent Semantic Analysis and Keyword Extraction for Phishing Classification
    Gaston LHuillier, Richard Weber, Alejandro Hevia and Sebastian Rios
  • Unsupervised Multilingual Concept Discovery from Daily Online News Extracts
    Jenq-Haur Wang
  • Estimating Sentiment Orientation in Social Media for Intelligence Monitoring and Analysis
    Richard Colbaugh and Kristin Glass
  • Desktop Text Mining for Law Enforcement
    Jonathan Brett Crawley and Gerhard Wagner
  • Tweets Mining Using WIKIPEDIA and Impurity Cluster Measurement
    Qing Chen, Timothy Shipper and Latifur Khan
  • Comparing the Virtual Linkage Intensity and Real World Proximity of Social Movements
    David Zimbra and Hsinchun Chen
  • Study of Effect of Node Seniority in Social Networks
    Baojun Qiu, Kristinka Ivanova, John Yen and Peng Liu
  • Measuring Behavioral Trust in Social Networks
    Sibel Adali, Robert Escriva, Mark Goldberg, Mykola Hayvanovych, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Boleslaw Szymanski, William Wallace and Gregory Williams
  • Inter-Domain Routing Validator Based Spoofing Defence System
    Lei Wang, Tianbing Xia and Jennifer Seberry
  • Secure Communication between Set-top Box and Smart Card for Fair Use in DTV Broadcasting
    Wei-Bin Lee, Hsing-Bai Chen and Ching-Chih Cheng
  • BI -Intelligence for the Business of Crime Fighting
    John Warden
  • Real Time Tracking of Remote Moving Object by Active Zoom Cameras
    Yan Gao and Xiaolin Zhang
  • Rationalizing police patrol beats using Voronoi Tessellations
    Arvind Verma, Ramyaa Ramyaa, Raminder Singh and Suresh Marru

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Poster Papers

  • Identifying Vulgar Content in eMule Network through Text Classification
    Xiangtao Liu, Xueqi Cheng, Jingyuan Li, Haijun Zhai and Bai Shuo
  • Protection of Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII) Against Cyber Terrorism: Development of Strategy and Policy Framework
    Zahri Yunos and Syahrul Hafidz Suid
  • Global Disease Surveillance using Social Media: HIV/AIDS Content Intervention in Web Forums
    Yungchang Ku, Chaochang Chiu, Yulei Zhang, Li Fan and Hsinchun Chen
  • A multibiometric access control architecture for continuous authentication
    Adriana E. Oliveira, Gustavo H. M. B. Motta and Leonardo V. Batista
  • Digitally Signed Document Flexible Sanitizing Scheme Based on Bilinear Maps
    Wen-Chung Kuo, Jiin-Chiou Cheng, Yen-Hung Lin and Lih-Chyau Wuu
  • Real-Time Text Mining in Multilingual News for the Creation of Prefrontier Intelligence Picture
    Jakub Piskorski, Martin Atkinson, Roman Yangarber, Vanni Zavarella and Jenya Belayeva
  • Towards Effective Improvement of the Bayesian Belief Network Structure Learning
    Yan Tang, Kendra Cooper, João Cangussu, Kun Tian and Yin Wu
  • Clustering and Mapping Related News about Violence Events on their Timelines
    Syed Toufeeq Ahmed, Sukru Tikves and Hasan Davulcu
  • HPC – Privacy Model for Collaborative Skyline Processing
    Boris Chan and Vincent Ng
  • [What is relevant intelligence?]
    Kira Vrist Ronn

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Workshop on Current Issues in Predictive Approaches to Intelligence and Security Analytics (PAISA 2010)

  • Automated Sensing and Social Network Analysis in Virtual Worlds
    Lucas Overbey, Gregory McKoy, Jesse Gordon and Shannon McKitrick
  • Multi-Modeling of Adversary Behaviors
    Alexander H. Levis, Lee W. Wagenhals and Abbas K. Zaidi
  • Breadth-Depth Triangulation for Validation and Verification of Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems
    William Reynolds
  • Combining System Dynamics and Bayesian Belief Neworks for Socio-Techncial Risk Analysis
    Zahra Mohaghegh
  • Text analysis and entity extraction in asymmetric threat response and prediction
    Erwin Chan, Jason Ginsburg, Brian Ten Eyck, Jerzy Rozenblit and Mike Dameron
  • Integrated Assessment Modeling of Energy Consumption Behavior and Carbon Emissions
    Thomas Sanquist, Bin Shui and Heather Orr
  • Meta-Model Driven Construction of Timed Influence Nets
    Faisal Mansoor, Abbas Zaidi and Alexander Levis
  • Similarity Kernels via Bi-Clustering for Conventional Intergovernmental Organizations
    Steven Zucker
  • Social Media and Social Reality
    Robert Farber, Courtney Corley, Andrew Cowell, Michelle Gregory, William Reynolds and Marta Weber
  • Parameterizing Bayesian Network Representations of Social-Behavioral Models by Expert Elicitation: A Novel Application of Conjoint Analysis
    Stephen Walsh, Angela Dalton, Paul Whitney and Amanda White
  • Collaborative Knowledge Discovery & Marshalling for Intelligence & Security Applications
    Andrew Cowell and Michelle Gregory

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